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A professional photographer and story-teller for over 20 years. Treading the lines between reality and fiction, documentary and art, the beautiful and the flawed.

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Events, Weddings, and Portrait Photography.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, I aim to create images that inspire and challenge the viewer.

Previously based in London, UK, I’ve recently moved to Ottawa, Canada and have been a professional photographer for over twenty years. I had my own darkroom in a downstairs bathroom during high school in Australia and went on to study photography at University at the Queensland College of Art. Just before finishing my degree, I vividly recall declaring that I would never do weddings as I wanted to be an artist or a documentary photographer. However, after my own wedding, I realised how profoundly important this event is in people’s lives. So I made the decision to apply all the technical and creative skills that I had learned to the photography of weddings because I saw this as a way to bring tangible and genuine value to people’s lives. At its core, a wedding celebrates love and I can’t think of anything better to document than this.

I’m grateful to still be in touch with the very first couple whose wedding I photographed. I’ve done portraits of their children and subsequently photographed the weddings of their friends and their friend’s friends. It is a privileged and humbling position to be able to document such important events in people’s lives.

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Why sara.red?

I adore having red things around me because for me, red represents love, life and passion. One year my husband bought me this domain as a birthday gift so that I could use it as a home for my website. It’s one of my favourite ever presents because it suits me perfectly and no one else in the world would think to buy me a domain as a gift. So what better web address could there be for a wedding photography website than ‘sara.red’, which was lovingly gifted by the man I am married to.


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