Picture-Perfect Backdrops: Ottawa’s Best Spots for Wedding Photos

Congrats on your forthcoming wedding! As a professional photographic artist in Ottawa, I comprehend the fervour of finding the ideal areas for your wedding pictures. The capital city is honoured with a huge number of pleasant spots, each offering an exceptional background to catch the enchantment of your extraordinary day. Since moving to Ottawa from London in the United Kingdom, I’ve been able to find these areas with an open-minded perspective. So for this blog entry, I’ll share a portion of my #1 areas to assist you with choosing where to take your wedding pictures in Ottawa.

Where can I take my wedding pictures in Ottawa?

Timeless Elegance: Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill, with its majestic, vintage buildings and verdant lawns, is an ideal choice for couples seeking a classic, grand backdrop for their wedding photographs. Its timeless elegance and cultural significance will lend an extra layer of depth to your photos.

Neo-Gothic Architecture

The Gothic Revival architecture at the hill, particularly the Centre Block, the Peace Tower, and the East and West Blocks, stand as a testament to Canada’s rich history. A wedding photo shoot with these intricacies in the background can make your big day feel like a scene from a fairy tale.

Breathtaking River View

With panoramic views of the Ottawa River and the rolling Gatineau Hills, the hill’s landscape can produce extraordinarily scenic wedding photos. This blend of water, sky, and cityscape paints a breathtaking backdrop, adding depth and drama to your wedding photos.

A Date With Nature: Major’s Hill Park

Major’s Hill Park, with its expansive green spaces and a stunning view of Parliament Hill and the Ottawa skyline, offers the perfect setting for nature-loving couples.

Blossoming Affair

If your wedding falls during May, you’ll have the fantastic backdrop of the Canadian Tulip Festival. The vibrant blooms beautifully contrast with the emerald grass, creating a colorful, surreal scene for your photos.

Riverside Locations

Opt for a photoshoot by the Ottawa River and Rideau Canal Locks for water-laced panoramas. The reflection of the surrounding sights in the shimmering water adds a dreamy effect to the pictures.

Regal Charm: The Fairmont Chateau Laurier

The Fairmont Chateau Laurier, with its royal ambiance and unique architectural style, is a majestic spot for your wedding photoshoot. This regal, antique castle will add a dash of timeless charm and grandeur to your wedding album.

Luxury Indoors

Grand ballrooms, high ceilings, elegant fixtures, and historic charm blend to offer an opulent indoor photo shoot experience. Whether in the drawing room, under the prestigious chandeliers, or near the marble staircase, each frame will exude royal elegance.

Terraces with a View

The terraces of this great castle hotel provide an excellent opportunity for outdoor shots with the stunning cityscape in the background. From here, the frames would capture a sprawling view of the Ottawa River, Parliament Hill, and other notable landmarks.

The Picturesque Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal, particularly during sunrise or sunset along with the Heart-shaped Locks, offers a romantic, warm, and soothing ambiance for your wedding photos.

“Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.” – Elliott Erwitt

Every location in Ottawa holds a unique charm, capable of transforming your wedding photos into beautiful keepsakes. Remember, the backdrop you choose will matter just as much as the people in the frame. It’s about expressing your love story in the best possible light. As the saying goes, “The best thing about memories is making them!”

Remember to select a trusted professional photographer who can effortlessly blend your love story with Ottawa’s picture-perfect landscapes. Its grandiose architecture and nature’s allure provide a canvas. Your love story is the masterpiece waiting to be revealed.

In the end, your wedding photos should tell your unique love story against the backdrop that speaks to you. After all, each love story is beautiful, but, as you would agree, ours is your favourite.

All you need to do is decide which picturesque spot in Ottawa reflects your tale of love the best. Start exploring, and make every moment count. This journey of love is indeed a beautiful one with memories to cherish forever.

Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after in Ottawa, the city that makes every love story picture perfect!



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